Let’s capture the best you with a professional headshot.

Why professional headshots?

✅ Build confidence. ✅ Create amazing first impressions. ✅ Step up that corporate ladder. ✅ Land that acting job. ✅ Get you noticed for that next date! ✅ Upkeep your professional image.

Who needs a headshot?

CEOs – Your image represents your company. Lawyers –  Realtors Doctors Actors Models

Why hire ME for YOUR headshot?

I am a Husband, Father, Army Veteran and straight up nerd not only looking to excel in my photography but also make a difference in someone’s life with an amazing headshot. Have you ever met or worked with someone that you either didn’t jive with or just felt awkward? That happens more than you think in the photography world. People come into a photo session already scared or not sure what to expect when they get in front of a camera. I try my hardest to NOT make this your experience when meeting me and getting your professional headshots taken. I have worked with people for over 20 years and make it my top priority to not only make an environment where you are comfortable but also where you can be your true self in front of the camera. If we aren’t either laughing or dancing by the end of your session then it wasn’t fun enough. Anyone will tell you they can take your headshot, but not everyone can guarantee you a modern eye-catching, true to self, money shot. If you leave your session not happy with your headshot, then I have failed you and I do NOT want to fail you. I will do everything within my power to make it right. When you are working with me either in my studio or on location, you or your team are my top priority. I do not limit our time together when my client is happy is when I stop shooting. If I can assist someone to excel in life then I have done my job.

Your headshot session ends when you are happy with your shot.

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