Let’s capture the best YOU with a professional headshot!


✅ Building self-confidence and a great personal image.
✅ Create amazing first impressions.
✅ Stepping up the corporate ladder.
✅ Landing the acting job you always wanted.
✅ Getting you noticed on that dating site!
✅ Keeping your professional image fresh.

Who needs a headshot?

If you look around today in any environment, you can see someone that can benefit from a good headshot. People are more concerned about their personal image today than they ever were before.  No matter how hard we try to not form an opinion about someone by a first impression it always happens, we are human. We are driven by looks, smiles, and confidence. It doesn’t matter if you are going for your first big interview, acting audition, or are a veteran CEO. EVERYONE needs a professional headshot, Including YOU!

Don’t be scared! We will overcome that “Deer in headlights” look together!
My main goal as a photographer is to get the REAL you in your professional headshot. When we are laughing and not focusing on being in front of a camera then we get your personality and the image you want people to see you for.

Corporate Headshots

Everyone has a dream of climbing the corporate ladder, no matter what rung you are on in life you need to portray a good image of yourself. Take your journey serious and invest in yourself. A proper corporate headshot shows that you mean business and want to get ahead.

Business Headshots

When thinking of business and staff headshots these can range anywhere from a new LinkedIn headshot for your personal account or a set of new team headshots to represent your firm. I can provide in studio or onsite to your location headshots and take care of all of the logistics.

Acting Headshots

How many times have you shown up to an audition questioning your first impression? The talent agent does not know you from the next person in line, let’s get your personality to shine in your updated acting headshot!

“When you are working with me either in my studio or on location, you or your team are my top priority.”

Let’s get you noticed!

Let’s get you noticed!

My 4 step process to success

Book your session online

Choose the best date and time for your session and book online.

Meetup and shoot

Meetup either on-location or in my studio for your headshot session. As we shoot I will provide coaching to help us get to the best YOU. Laughing is mandatory.

Choose the best images

After we are finished shooting we will go through our images from the session and choose the best ones that portray the real you that everyone needs to see.

Go forth and succeed

With the tools and coaching learned through our process, step out into the world with a new outlook! Show everyone through your headshot how you are a confident go getter!

“Your headshot session ends when you are happy with your shot.”

Who am I?

I am a Husband, Father, Army Veteran and straight up nerd looking to make a positive difference in your life with an amazing headshot!

If we aren’t either laughing or dancing by the end of your session then it wasn’t fun enough.

Anyone will tell you they can take your headshot, but not everyone can guarantee you a modern eye-catching, true to self, money shot.

Building TRUST – RAPPORT – FRIENDSHIP is my goal.